Modern Dining

RAKU combines the precision and artfulness of Japanese culinary history, with the vibrant energy of modern Australian dining. Our sushi team crafts beautiful plates of sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls, whilst the robata grill produce meat, seafood and vegetables dish that sing with the flavours of the flames.

Fire     Ice and

Chef: Hao Chen

Executive chef Hao is a master with the sushi blade. His culinary creations span the taste spectrum, from subtle and delicate, to robust and exciting flavour profiles. He and his team will ensure you have a memorable meal, and have you returning again.

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Chef Hao

Raku Ware

Raku is named after a Japanese style of pottery, which is created by hand without a mould, and is fired in open flames. The result of this technique is unpredictable textures, patterns and vibrant colours. Originally developed by a single family in 16th century Japan, Raku has become immensely culturally significant and a revered art form across the world.

Tea Bowl, Black Raku Ware, 2012
by artist Morihiro Hosokawa